Semi Verticals
  Opaline 02
  Opaline Slim
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 Opaline Slim    Plug in semi vertical cabinet
Semi-verticals with small depth (655 mm), this multideck is specially made to highlight and stimulate the purchase of fresh products, pastry and beverage. Round design and small space required are the advantages of this product and make it perfect for small shops.
Semi Verticals Opaline Slim
Temperature +2°C +4°C (by +25°C room temperature)
Ventilated refrigeration
Digital control board
Light at the top
Automatic defrosting
1500: 3 adjustable shelves, can be tilted
1350: 3 adjustable shelves, can be tilted
Price holder
Gas R404 A
Gray ABS side panels
Night blind
Light all levels
LED light all levels
RAL colour from one unit 9% for outside / 3% for inner
Dairy foods
Fruits and vegetables
Please, take into consideration the annoyances of the built-in machines (heat and/or annoyance sound level that might be made depending on the shop design).


Ref Designation Capacity Weight(kg) Lenght(mm) Power Delivery time
3032000OPALINE 71-1350 SLIM0,65 m286705680 W  
3032020OPALINE 71-1500 SLIM0.78 m294705680 W  
3032040OPALINE 101-1350 SLIM 0.98 m21291018700 W 
3032060OPALINE 101-1500 SLIM1.17 m21401018700 W 
3032080OPALINE 131-1350 SLIM1.31 m21721330780 W 
3032100OPALINE 131-1500 SLIM1.56 m21851330780 W 
3032120OPALINE 151-1350 SLIM1.64 m22141530890 W  
3032140OPALINE 151-1500 SLIM1.95 m22311530890 W  
3032160OPALINE 201-1350 SLIM1.96 m225819551370 W 
3032180OPALINE 201-1500 SLIM2.34 m227619551370 W 

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